Jesus the Son: His Resurrection

  1. Does the Bible teach that all men who die will be resurrected?

  1. Summarize the Old Testament teaching on the resurrection of the human body

  1. To what extent does the Old Testament anticipate the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

  1. To what extent does Christ predict His own resurrection?

  1. How many appearances of Christ occurred between His resurrection and ascension?

  1. What appearances of Christ occurred after His ascension?

  1. Why are the many appearances of Christ and the circumstances surrounding them a strong confirmation of the fact of His resurrection?

  1. What support do the empty tomb, the character of the witnesses of His resurrection, and the extent of their convictions contribute to the doctrine of His resurrection?

  1. What changes took place in the disciples after the resurrection of Christ, and how were they used as witnesses of the resurrection?

  1. What evidence may be found in the day of Pentecost for the resurrection of Christ?

  1. How do the custom of the early church to observe the first day of the week and the continued existence of the early church in spite of persecution support the doctrine of resurrection?

  1. Name at least seven reasons why Christ rose from the dead

  1. Why is the resurrection of Christ important to Christian faith?

  1. How is the resurrection of Christ related to the present standard of divine power?